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Vision & Mission

With a meager beginning  in 1996, today  Diamond Security Personnel is a strong company with an annual turnover of about Rs. 40 million comprising more than 2000 security personnel along with a fleet of vans and bikes lead by team of professionals, senior officers from armed forces, Police and civil administration. Our security personnel and other staff is given professional training at the time of initial recruitment and refresher training courses are conducted at regular intervals. 
We provide security services as per the requirements of our clients. Our clients include big corporate houses, govt. / semi govt. , private sector, farm houses multinational companies, government institutions, industrial units, financial institutions and educational institutions etc.  Our offices are in the Region of the capital namely south extension, Gazipur. We are committed to offer cost effective integrated security & other services to our clients as per their individual requirement. We ensure immense sense of integrity and deep concern for our employees thereby ensuring satisfaction at each level.