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Code of Conduct for Security Personnels

Following rules and regulations are necessary to obey by all the security personnel. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

Our security personnel will be responsible to security of the installations / premises. Other features are enumerated below: 
  • Checks buildings in assigned area for security and checks doors, windows, lights and equipment. Records any damage for repairs and for criminal incidents.
  • Monitors fire extinguishers, other safety devices and signs for proper functioning. Reports
  • Irregularities or problems.
  • Reports lights left on in buildings, turns outside lights on and off as directed, reports burned out
  • Building and street lights, and reports doors and locks that are not working properly.
  • Keeps unauthorized personnel out of buildings after closing hours, controls access to areas based on
  • Assignments, maintains regular contact with other guards, & calls public safety officers in case of need.
  • Locks and unlocks doors based on schedules and requests.
  • Responds to questions and calls from people in the community to assist with directions, locations,
  • and other service-oriented needs.
  • Assists with traffic control as needed upon request of public safety supervisor.
  • Assists Public Safety personnel as an assistant when called upon.
  • To keep liaison with the police/local authorities with a view to get timely help in the case of
  • Contingency.
  • To advise the Management on such system as may be deemed necessary to carry out security activities
  • Effectively.
  • Checking of all incoming and outgoing material and keeping proper records there of the check
  • Pilferage / mal practices.
  • To exercise access control and ensure that no unauthorized person enters the premises and also
  • Maintain record of all visitors.
  • Maintaining proper order & discipline in the unit area.
  • Duty allocation to watch and ward staff.
  • To carry out other ask allocated by management in the interest of security of the premises/installation.
  • We shall be fully responsible for ESI & EPF, and other statutory obligations.
  • Our security personnel will be at your services but the administrative control shall remain with us.
  • Frisking of employees
  • Preventive measures against theft, pilferage and sabotage
  • Administration /Housekeeping /Reception duties
  • Protection of personal equipments and materials with in establishment area.
  • Event management, like AGMs, Fashion shows, Music shows, corporate events, Events celebrations etc.
  • Providing uniforms security personnel